This new blog post I am doing is based on my friend Andrew's music career and how he is making his dream come true. We all want thing to happen for us that we want to come true, in order for us to achieve that goal we must actually pursue it. One of my favorite lines from a track by Kaskade called "One Heart," the line says "Knowing what makes us happy, Sometimes the hardest thing to lose."

I have known Andrew for basically for eight years & there have been times through thick and thin, but now I supporting his choice in the music world. I have been able to score his first debut album he gave me, and believe me the music is amazing people. Andrew's music has a jagged edge to it with a rich sound of video game inspired tones along with obvious industrial undertones that can't be ignored. I was able to experience his music having him perform a none recorded track live in his room which is his work area. You could tell while he was singing that he was in his trance, while I his audience was absorbing the energy.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him for this blog post as well:

Q. How old are you and what is your astrology sign my dear friend Andrew ? 26 and I am a Pisces.

Q. How did you start getting into making music and why did you decide to go with this career path ? Well…I have been playing the piano since I was four years old for my own benefit, but I was writing songs since I was six. Stone babies is a group that has inspired me & they are a dark cabaret inspired and along with Danny Elfman who is did soundtracks for Batman, Ed Wood, Sweeny Todd and many more.

Q. What inspires you to do the music you like to create ? I get into the direct connection with emotion and mode along with certain sounds & structures. I try to make stuff like that.

Q. What do you think people will think of your music ? A wide variety of people will have a wide variety of reactions, it has a something that is for everyone. Some people might not like it because I cover a wide variety of ground. I like the fact that you are covering a wide range because no one really these days do at all, and if they do they suck at it to me.

What genre would you categorize your style ? Industrial is the all encompassing label, I like a wide variety of music from Europe like electronica and metal. I like soundtracks from Akira Yamaoka he did Silent Hill soundtracks & Ubua Yamastu for the Final soundtracks. To me Andrew it sounds like Freezepop with an awesome punk flare.

Q. Do you think that your music has some stories based on yourself ? I say that some of them inspired by some of my experiences, I am like a novel writer that has victicious perspectives, things that sound like that could be real, or even from another place.

Q. Do you think your music will be more main stream in the future, or more indie the way most electronica is ? I already have music that is main stream, but I don’t think I will become more mainstream, but I think it will be better as time goes on.

Q. Nerd question time dude. Do you like anime & which is your absolute favorite? I am picky about it, but like dark anime the best. I am very fond of Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, Berserk & Elfen Lied, basically anytime you have a horrific anime that has dark tones it me intrigued.

Q. What game are you hella into right now ? League Of Legends by right! !! !! I’m hooked on the adrenaline I get from the game.

Q. Final question Andrew. Why video game music for your choice of inspiration for your works ? I think one of the strongest powers of music, we associate it with is what happens to our lives, it can take you back to your magical land of adventure. I like to transport people to a magical place inside their own heads.

To know more about Andrew aka Rage please check out the links below.


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  1. Quinn Says:

    Nice interview and a great story.

  2. Greenbird Says:

    Thanks for the comment, it was very fun interviewing him from a different perspective.

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